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Road-cast listed Wencan


    On May 18, by Guangdong Wen Chan Die Casting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wencan die casting") investment of 100 billion yuan in Tianjin Hongbang Die Casting Co., Ltd. in Tianjin Development Zone, Western held foundation stone laying ceremony. This transfer system and Wencan die casting in Beijing national shares (the new board) listed only a day apart. Guangdong Wencan Die Casting Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Zhang Jing believes that these two things are to be regarded as industry development milestone events at Wencan Die casting.

    Before the foundation of Tianjin Hongbang Die Casting Co., Ltd, Wencan die casting has been finalized with Tesla's cooperation and also has set up a wholly owned subsidiary of Guangdong Wencan mould Co., Ltd. by the end of last year. Under this background, Wencan landed three new board will be of far-reaching significance to promote, and the leading role for the future development of enterprises.


    Is the main board or three new board?


    Time back in 2012 and then Wencan die casting industry development momentum is good, as the leading products is die casting aluminum alloy for automobile enterprise, Wencan die casting has global supplier with Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Volkswagen, General Motors and other company established cooperative relations. With the further expansion of the enterprise development, the demand for capital is becoming more and more urgent, the listing also moved on the company's agenda.

    However, in the beginning, the new board is not the first choice of Wencan die casting.

    "We believe that the new board is only suitable for new enterprises or just the start of it information technology enterprise, the turnover in millions to tens of millions of business enterprise is more appropriate, and Wencan volume turnover of nearly 1 billion yuan, which the new board is not appropriate." Zhang Jing said, the goal is to start the main target small plates. That time, there’s not a lot of good news in three new board, including in the process of communicating with the securities companies, there are no recommendations on the new board.

But on the other hand, as the Nanhai, Lishui Town grassroots enterprises, th development management of Wencan die casting need to further standardize. "Shareholders of the company also believe that the new three board is a new thing, the enterprise can go up first to exercise." Zhang Jing believes that the new three Board companies are public corporation, in the normative, regulatory and other aspects are not less than the main board companies, which allows companies to get more exercise, more standardized development, which is also a good thing for the enterprise.


    In view of this, in October last year, Wencan die casting officially to the national share transfer system (the new board) to submit information, and in March of this year, officially received listing notification letter. The Wencan beat all is in this period of good news, more and more new three, including may realize the auction system.


    Not only that, the original fear of large corporate body, financing will be more difficult to get rid of the concerns of the more troublesome. "In fact, it can also give to the body mass and even large-scale enterprises to the financing capacity of the platform." Zhang Jing found that, in fact, as long as the ability to continue to develop of enterprise, the new three board is a very good platform.


    Zhang Jing introduced, the company is about to increase the capital, but also has been and the potential investors through the ditch and held a road show in Beijing. Feedback from the current situation, which is the same as the company in the effect of IPO listing. Zhang Jing believes that IPO has its advantages, but compared to the new three board also has its own advantages, such as private placement, strictly speaking, not as much as the main board and gem restrictions, especially the gem, the enterprise can be many times and very fast financing, and the motherboard, etc., sometimes for a year, which is very bad for business development.


    "Our future goal is still the main board, but now there is more and more good policy at the new three board , if there will be a better measure, we will choose to stay in the three new board."

For the enterprise is a “timely rain"


    On the prospectus of Wencan shows that companies operating income of the overall upward trend, an increase of 177.1149 million yuan in 2013 compared to 2012, with an increase of 22.86%. 2013, the company's operating profit increased by 57.6044 million yuan in 2012, an increase of 186.77%, mainly the company's main business income achieved rapid growth, gross margin increased. In 2014, net profit Wencan die casting is 78.8 million yuan, business income is 976 million yuan.

    The data can be seen only from the public, Wencan die casting is in a stage of rapid development. If the project has recently started from the expected, the pace of development of the subsequent Wencan die casting is obviously still accelerating. At the end of last year, Wencan die casting will make a cooperation with the Tesla electric car who well known as the automobile industry "apple" company and provides 11 body structure parts and 9 section of the bracket castings, Wencan become the enterprises who win largest order from Tesla production of car body structure order in China. In addition to Tesla, Wencan die casting also won the Zhengzhou BAK New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. aluminum alloy die casting structure project orders.


    Actually, as early as the beginning of 2013, Mercedes Benz identified Wencan die casting have the ability of with the use of high vacuum pressure casting technology to develop ASF's quality and ability through two years of repeated assessment on Wencan die casting and its subsidiaries Hong Bang die casting (Nantong) Co., Ltd, so that released trial order to Wencan casting of several structure die casting sample.


    At the end of last year, when Tesla vice president of global procurement Peter carlsson visited Hongbang die casting (Nantong) Co., Ltd. He has revealed that the North American market is  lack of good die casting parts suppliers, mainly reason is poor market performance of the United States Department of several major OEM for several years ago, die-casting parts manufacturer's investment in depth development also affected, he hopes that Wencan group considering to build factories in the North America.


    In addition to increasing and international famous company's cooperation, the Wencan group investment 1 billion yuan in Tianjin Development Zone West Building automobile aluminum alloy die-casting parts base of North China, for clients in northern China especially, FAW Volkswagen and other customers in product R & D, manufacturing, sales and service, is expected to 2019 sales of about 1billion yuan.


    "Currently Wencan die casting preparation of cooperation with Tesla and some big brand companies, which will be related to productivity improvement, if in accordance with the traditional methods can only go through bank financing, but the process is more complex, cost is relatively high, and the new board can quickly completed, which the subsequent business rapid growth and cooperation multi-level cooperation will have great help." Zhang Jing said the company landed three new board is undoubtedly a timely rain".

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