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Wencan group quoted shares in Beijing special listing ceremony with other two Lishui enterprises.


In 19 May, Wencan group quoted share in National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) with other two Lishui enterprises. Guangdong Wencan Die Casting Co., Ltd, Guangdong Quickly science & technology Incorporated Co., Ltd, Guangdong refined indium Machinery Co., Ltd quoted shares successfully. Total asset of three enterprises is over 1.3 billion yuan, and total issued share capital is 205 million shares, among which Wencan has a total asset of 1.12 billion with issued share capital of 150 billion.

People’s government Vice mayor of Nanhai district Foshan City Liu Mingen, Listed office deputy director of Nanhai district Wang hong, Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director of Nanhai district You Yuanrong, Mayor of Lishui town Huang Qingtian, Vice mayor of Lishui town Ye jianhui, Listing promotion association executive vice president of Nanhai district Li Guang, Lishui general chamber of commerce President Li Min and other leaders were invited to attend the ceremony. They witnessed the glorious moment of enterprises entering capital market with milestone significance.

Wencan group  General manager office Ma Tinghui reports

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