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Warm congratulations on hitting a new high record for turnover and profit of Nantong Hongbang plant


Warm congratulations on HONGBANG DIE CASTING (NANTONG) CO. LTD. (Hereinafter referred to asNantong plant) 2014 annual turnover of CNY 440 million (all of the following are not tax), CNY 520 million of business income, with more than CNY 40 million profit! Nantong plant became a tower of strength of Wencan Groupe now!

Nantong factory was founded in 2008, top leaders of Wencan Groupe made the planning for the future management strategy, established steady development&the long-term goal of customer satisfaction. After several years of unremitting efforts, Nantong plant not only have a qualitative leap in the turnover and profit, and beyond the company's headquarters located in Foshan City.

According to statistics, Nantong plant actual turnover was CNY 405952.8 thousand in 2013, about 94% of the headquartersfoshan plant; while in 2014, CNY 444010.7 thousand is 112.84% of Foshan plant. 2014 monthly production situationsof Foshan & Nantong plants as shown in the figure below:


According to the data audited by DaHua Certified public accountants, Nantong plant has turnover of CNY 439720 thousand, net profit of CNY 30357.7 thousand with rate 6.90 in 2013%; turnover of CNY 523383.1 thousand, net profit of CNY 40090 thousand with rate 7.66% in 2014. Net profit was just 67.46% of total plants in 2013, in 2014 was 102.15%. Nantong plant implemented the first historic transcendency to headquarters foshan plant. 2014 monthly main business income of Foshan & Nantong plants as shown in the figure below:


Throughout the data of recent years, it is enough to witness the development of Nantong plant is quickly and steadily rising. Now Nantong plant is with rapid growth of output value and profit, the essence is the early stage of the new equipments &new technology investments, and years of operation and management of operation is the inevitable result of accumulation. Of course,  this also without Nantong plant top managers and a group of "bravebull" hard work, with risen steadily of the output value and profit, also shows Hongbang gradually back on track, get good condition.

Come on! Hongbang! We hope you create a more brilliant tomorrow!

Wencan Groupe reported by A/C Dept. Liu Jingfu

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