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Standing in Industry Frontier, Creating Win-Win Value --Wencan Moulds Reupgraded


Guangdong Wencan Mould Company is the sub-company of Wencan groups, which is specialized in tooling design and manufacture. With total area of 20,000 square meters and unit size is 15,000 square meters, Wencan Mould Company was founded in Novenver, 2015. There are over 200 staff and it has an excellent technical team of over 50 senior mould engineers. At present, the capacity of Wencan is about 350 sets yearly.  

Wencan is one of the leading domestic enterprises applying CAD/CAM/CAE to manufacture moulds. The achievement of technology and highly computer intergration management shows modern manufacturing concept of high-efficiency, high-quality and saving.

There are over 70 sets of various production equipments and over 40 sets CNC machines, most of them is introduced from German, Japan and some advanced countries. In assembly workshop, there are 3 spotting machine of 160 ton and 400 ton. Moreover, in order to guaranteed high-quality, Wencan is equipped plenty of inspection equipments such like Swiss Hexagon CMM, image type instrument of surveying and mapping, material metallographic instrument, hardness tester and so on.

In 2015, Wencan invested 30 million to follow the highest international standards and re-plan the layout of factory construction. Meanwhile, Wencan introduced 5 arcade DMG high-speed five axis linkage processing center, Makino high precision processing equipment, Mitsubishi mirror spark forming machine, low-speed wire cutting machine and 10 “high, hard, precise, sharp” equipments. With yearly capacity of 390 sets, Wencan can make maximum 4,000 ton mold.

Wencan has grown into a leading company among the mould companies. With the everlasting endeavors of employees, no matter how large, precise, complex the mould is, Wencan is able to develop it and focused on value for clients. Wencan gets ready to partner with customers for a future with endless possibilities.

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