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Reveal National Brand, March on the World's Advanced Technology -- The ceremony for Wencan by share Develops 4,000-ton Structure Die Casting Machine with LI JING Group.


On 26th April,2015, Wencan by share held a spectacular ceremony to celebrate the achievement of 4,000-ton Structure Die Casting Machine in HongBang Die Casting co,.ltd, the sub company of Wencan by share. Mr Tang Jiewei, the president of Wencan, Liu Xiangshang,the founder of Li Jing Technology company, Ding Wenjiang, the academician of Shanghai Jiaotong University and over 30 entrepreneurs attended the ceremony.

In the handover ceremony, Wencan president, Mr.Tang Jiewei published ebullience speech.

President Tang expressed thanks to Li Jing Group for the support during development. Meanwhile, President Tang also expressed gratitude to Shanghai Jiaotong University for the suggestion and support towards to the R&D of structure project. President Tang said, Die casting industry need to go out of the traditional OEM pattern and continuously improve interior technology and R&D ability. Therefore, through the R&D of automobile structure parts, we hope that not only understanding and trust between the partners can be enhanced, the technology and management can be improved to meet the increasingly needs for structure parts, but also through this success, we can prove that Chinese National brand has ability to satisfy strict requirement and superior difficulty of structure parts in mass production. We are looking forward to standing in a more competitive position of international market by joining national brand and making efforts to break current international pattern.

Starting from October,2014, it only took 10 months to achieve complete success, which can not be separated from thousand years of precipitation and accumulation, as well as the collaboration and support. Moreover, the combination success not only proves that Wencan has entered the world’s first class in die casting industry with R&D abilities and mass production capacity of structure parts, but also reveal the competence and decision of national brand to March on the World's Advanced Technology.

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