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The fourth meeting of the first session of the Board, the second meeting of the first session of the Board of Supervisors and the 2014 Annual General Meeting successful convening


The fourth meeting of the first session of the Board and the second meeting of the first session of the Board of Supervisor of Wencan group was held on 27th, April, 2015 at the company's headquarters factory in Foshan.

To attend the meeting are members of the Board Tang Jiexiong,Tang Jiebang, Zhang Jing, Gao Junmin, Xiong Shoumei, Zhao Haidong, An Lin.Members of the Board of Supervisor Yi Manli,Huang Yufeng, Yu Huaqiao as well as the top management Si Youcai, Shenlong, Li Shihua,Wang Zhuoming and Wu Shuyi.

In the meeting, the board summed up the producing and operating status in 2014, proposed the Planning for  future development, deliberated and approved 8 motion included the "Directors' Report," "Budget Report", "Annual Report and Summary" etc. At the same time, the Supervisory Board also deliberated and approved 5 motion included the "Supervisory Committee", "Budget Report", "Annual Report and Summary" etc.


On May 19, 2015, Wencan group held the 2014 annual shareholders' meeting as scheduled, all the shareholders , board and supervisory board members attended the meeting as well as all the senior management,brokerage IPO intermediary agencies and  lawyer representative. The meeting reviewed and voted the motion submitted by the board and supervisory board. Thereafter, the lawyer representative issued and read out the legal opinion of 2014 annual shareholders' meeting.The shareholders' meeting is not only summarized the various work over the past year, but also made important instructions for the company's future production development.

Wencan group General Deparment Ma Tinghui report

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