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Wencan signed strategic cooperation agreements with Volkswagen and the world-famous intelligent automation system suppliers


In 18th May 2015, on the foundation ceremony of Wencan’s Group Tianjin subsidiary company, Guangdong Wencan Die Casting Co., Ltd (“Wencan”) officially signed material supplying agreement with Volkswagen (China) Investment Co., Ltd, which estimated sales turnover over 600 million RMB. At the same time, Wencan signed strategic cooperation agreements with the world-famous intelligent automation system supplier Fanuc, world-renowned CNC precious machining equipment supplier Mazak and world-leading high-end die casting machine supplier Buhler to fully realize the factory automatic intelligent production.

On the day of signing agreement, Volkswagen (China) Investment Co., Ltd officially authorized Wencan’s wholly owned subsidiary company - Hongbang Die Casting (Tianjin) Co., Ltd to be the supplier of high torque 7-speed automatic transmission alloy shell casting parts, both sides made it clear that:

From the beginning of FY2017, Tianjing Hongbang will produce DQ380 transmission shell (450 K sets/ FY), DQ380 and DQ500 upper and lower body (900 K sets/ FY) for Volkswagen Tianjin transmission Co., Ltd. From the middle of FY2017, it will produce DL382 project gear stand (45kpcs/FY) for Audi transmission Co., Ltd. When the output of above five products reach their capacity, estimated sales turnover will over 600 million (excluding tax).

Because of persistence effort and never-changed faith of Wencan, who obtained trust from VW company, was invited to build the factory in the place where is not over 1000 meters far away from VW and Audi transmission company. To be the international first-class die casting enterprise, to supply material for high-end manufacturing plant, Wencan profoundly recognize that future competitiveness of this industry lies in advanced core technology innovation ability, excellent quality performance, scientific and systematic enterprise management, ect. Therefore, over these years, Wencan keeps making self-promotion continuously, learning mature experience of company development from Germany and other European enterprises to make breakthrough in the area of core technology, scientific, standardized and automated management mode. Accumulation of experience, precipitation of technology and respect for customers make Wencan gains recognition and respect from customers. Not only does Wencan get continuously orders, but also 100% trust from customers as well.

Adhering with concept of better servicing customers, Wencan proposed business philosophy of “Environmental Casting and Intelligent Production” in the overall design of Tianjin new plant, in order to build up itself to be the advanced factory of full-automation, intelligent and unmanned management.

Therefore, Wencan signed strategic cooperation agreements with Switzerland Buhler, Japan Fanuc and Japan Mazak, who are the best equipment and system suppliers in die casting industry. It will introduce international most advanced production equipment, including die casting machine, robot automatic system, CNC machining center and ect. Wencan will learn mature and advanced technology concepts from equipment and system suppliers to fully realize automatic intelligent production in the factory from the aspects of process automation, AGV intelligent material distribution system and unmanned production unit. These three global-leading suppliers will actively and fully support the whole process of Wencan’s capacity expansion, technology transformation and upgrade, and provide the most suitable and advanced technical scheme and high-class technical service support to ensure that Wencan is able to build up the leading intelligent manufacturing system in the industry.

In addition to promote business philosophy of “Environmental Casting and Intelligent Production” in Tianjin new plant, Wencan group will also popularize this concept in its headquarter Foshan plant and Hongbang (Nantong) plant at the same time in order to reach the target that there will be more than 10 automatic production units in each plant. At this moment, Hongbang (Nantong) factory has started die casting machinery automatic production unit and successfully applied in mass production for Tesla body structure, Mercedes Benz car body structure parts, transmission parts and automobile steering parts.

By signing strategic cooperation agreement with Volkswagen and several other important suppliers, Wencan fully demonstrates that it will continuously insist promoting enterprise concept of core technology competitiveness, system management, and intelligent production. Wencan convinced that: we have confidence! We have the ability! We promise that we will build up wencan as world-class die casting enterprise!

Wencan group   General manager office Si Youcai  Li Shuihua, report

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