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Excellent Primary Team-Recommended by Die Casting Workshop


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Recommended Group: Mold Repairing Team

Groups are the cells of an enterprise while the construction of groups is the base to complete all kinds of plans. A perfect construction system can achieve unity and establish a good working environment. The Mold Repairing Team is responsible for mold repairing and maintenance of more than 50 sets of die casting machines. In team construction, the Mold Repairing Team adheres to the manufacturing concept of People Oriented, to start from themselves and with details, to standard operation processes. What’s more, the team implements and strengthens responsibility system to achieve clear rewards and penalties criteria and complete plans through a strong management.    

Since the year 2015, the Mold Repairing Team achieves preferable performance on keeping molds, finishing molds maintenance plan, mold maintenance quality and safety production and so on. From January 2015, the team has achieved molds perfectness rate of more than 85%, molds maintenance plan finishing rate of 98% and mass-production molds maintenance rate of 84.6%.

It mainly reflect in following aspects:

1. The team communicates with technician positively on the problems encountered when repair and maintain molds, making maintenance plan through cooperation. Both teams insist on the idea of Production First, safety production education to improve employees’ safety awareness.   

2. To ensure and improve the quality of die-casting products, the team executes formal working processes strictly, improve the maintenance quality and mould design.  

3. To set up quality awareness and independent maintenance ability among team members, the team implement system of personal responsibility of which can improve quality awareness and employees can take responsibility of any loss concerning molds and products caused by personal reasons.    

4. Regarding to team building, they take groups as base and settle problems on the position of teams which leads to high unity.  

Mold Repairing Team is one of the most important groups of Die Casting Workshop. The status of molds influences directly the schedule of production and delivery. The team is ready to meet all kinds of challenges and difficulties vigorously and confidently.


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