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Played Youth Symphony --Wencan held the first fellowship party with Xiongxin


On April 26th, 2015, the called “music &barbecue trip”fellowship party was jointly hosted by Guangdong Wencan Die-Casting Co., Ltd. and Foshan Nanhai Xiongxin Die-casting Co., Ltd.. This is the first time that we jointly hosted a fellowship party with a enterprises in the same industry, mainly for the starting staff and the single ones, thus, the young workers paid much attention once the party notice issued,  a broad mass of workers active participated in this party with enthusiasm.


Figure 1 BBQ

The party lasted from  15:30pm to 22:00pm, with rich content, such as barbecue, interactive games, singing and so on. At first, the both employees felt embarrassed, along with the increasing activities, people were familier with each other, they talked cheerfully and wittily at last, and for further communication,they exchanged the contact information with each other.

The party was highly praised by everyone, they have said that they felt the company’s warmly concern by this party, not only can they expand their circle of friends, but also they can benefit by the communication and process together to their future work. On one hand, we enhance the employees’loyalty and collective honor through this activity, and create a good corporate culture atmosphere, one the other hand, the party reflects our "people-oriented" core values!


Figure 2 KTV


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