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Internship report - Li Jinguo


Graduation practice is for each student to the community, go to work as an essential aspect to understand the community through internships in practice, so I learned a lot in the classroom can not simply schooling knowledge, benefit, also open horizons, increase of knowledge, and lay a solid foundation for my future to further the work.

I was the second batch of Guangdong Wencan Die Casting Co., Ltd. is an intern admitted, December 23, with a heavy weight of luggage and carries a better vision of the company, take the school bus came to Guangdong Wencan Die Casting Co. Shares The company, entered the first step from the company, I know no longer as comfortable at school, this is my first internship but also the first time into the company's work, and I feel both fear and anticipation, scared me The first job can not adapt, can not do a good job, look at where you can learn something, whether the school learned knowledge to work, able to make their own technical skills would be

Graduation practice is an essential aspect for each student to get into the community and work .Through internships in practice, I learn a lot that I can’t learn in the classroom .I get benefit from it.In the same time, it opens my horizons, increases my knowledge, and lays a solid foundation for my future .

I am one of the second batch of interns of Guangdong Wencan Die Casting Co., Ltd.On December 23rd ,with a heavy weight of luggage and a better vision of the company, I took school bus to come to Guangdong Wencan Die Casting Co.,Ltd. Since I took the first step in the company, I knew it would not be comfortable as at school any more.This is not only my first internship but also the first time I get into one company. I feel both fear and hopeful.I am afraid that I will not adapt to my  first job and do it well.I look forward to learn something in the company .No matter whether the school learned knowledge will be used into work, whether my technical skills will be enhanced ,whether I will create some kind of value for the company, I will cherish my internship !

I was assigned to the machine processing workshop as trainee at first, I need to be familiar with the field operations and processes, and did some supplementary work such as production ,rework,assembly ,site management .Basically ,I was arranged to where lack of manpower .But I think it will be a good opportunity to learn, because when I am in different positions and production lines , I can be familiar with the company's production work flow quickly. Regardless of which position I will be in ,I will maintain a learning enthusiasm and learn things from different positions.I gradually adapt to the working environment here, work actively ,obey the leadership, and get their praise and affirmation.

In January ,due to the rotation of interns ,I was assigned to die-casting workshop. Its working environment is different from machine processing workshop. When we got into the die-casting workshop,we must wear helmet, overalls, gloves, work shoes , these things are indispensable. Before we get into probation work, we were conducted a series of systematic training to recognize drawings, product name, product number, product materials, products, mold number / cave number, production date of classification, production fill in and knowledge of a variety of security .Security is the most detailed  knowledge , because once you miss awareness of safety , it will easily appear danger. In the month I was in die-casting workshop , I learned that whether it is a large enterprise or a small business, knowledge of safety must be in the first place, and a good company must put safety in strictly control.Also, I learned some simple die-casting machine alarm release.

In February, I has been transferred back to the workshop of machining processing and be responsible for the operation of CNC lathe and CNC milling machine. The machine tools are all automation, efficiency is put in the first place. The operator here are calculated in accordance with the production output. At the beginning, it is difficult to keep up with the progress of them, after several days, I gradually catch up with their speed of production since finding correct methods. In spare time, I always bury myself to learn about the machine tools, also learn release the working Die casting machine in danger  from other crews .The machine program are mostly manual programming, so I always try to write them down to learn.

Now I am in CNC machining workshop of Die company, learning how to operate the machine.Usually processing a mold need for a quite long period , so I always see drawings to learn how to do programming. I know that I will develop toward the direction of mold programming in the future.

I have learned a lot for the five months internship experience.Also, I realize that I really have not much experience, indeed, The social is not as wonderful as school where is brimming with sound of reading, full of laugh and warm discussion in class, and can sway with the sweat of youth.—A place is filled with vitality.  On the contrary, the social is very practical and self-center. You only can learn how to survival firstly, the only one can help is just yourself.In manufacturing industry, you need to have a strong and determined mind,because it is hardship and people are always starting from the bottom. Actually, front-line works are always the best place to train people to learn skills. We need to build up the solid foundation step by step. Only have a solid technical skills, could you not afraid of creating your new world in production industry.

Date: May 24, 2015

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