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2015 TS Five Tools Training Courses Conduct


In order to further improve the grasp and application level of technology quality management staff at Wencan on TS16949 quality management system, company specially invited DNV senior training teacher Mr. Xie Wensheng for a five-day TS Five Tools training(APQP、PPAP、SPC、 FMEA、MSA) 

In classroom, each students actively spoke、 enthusiastically participated-in and lively discussed the homework that teacher assigned. Teaching in simple terms made students grasp the concept of failure modes、failure consequences、causes and mechanism、 the severity、 frequency、 detection、 risk index、 process control、 etc. and the implementation skills, as well as the system method of five tools, equipped with the ability to complete the process FMEA to analyze and evaluate the production process by using process-control tools in mathematical statistics and to timely find the signs of systemic factors appearance according to feedback information, thus taking measures to eliminate its effect and keeping process in controlled state which only affected by random factors,  in order to achieve the purpose of quality control.

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