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Guangdong Wencan by the US Tesla Automotive Body mass production of new items


- China die casting network reported on January 9th

The die casting net dispatch recently, Guangdong Wencan Die Casting Co., Ltd. success to get new project from the Tesla electric vehicle body structure parts production and becomes the largest enterprises who obtain the Tesla production car structure order in China.

In the tide of global new energy automobile and automobile introduction, the Tesla electric vehicles with its brand-new idea and originality design dominate, attracting the eye of the world automobile manufacturers and consumers. In 2014 Tesla ambitiously planed to improve the capacity and sales of the plan and plans to enter the real market to enter the stage of mass production in 2015, output reached 40-80 thousand units / year.


Beside the use of batteries, Tesla found important technical difficulty in maximizing the light weight of the car. This lightweight technology, known as ASF in the world, is the first in Germany where successfully mass production for a variety of high-end cars after 20 years of efforts to development.Although the ASF technology has been successfully used in Germany, it is still a completely strange and extremely difficult process for the Chinese aluminum alloy automobile parts manufacturer. But there are many brave die casting enterprises in China and Wencan is only of them. Wencan successfully master the ASF technology through learning and working to the German Mercedes Benz and in early 2014, Wencan delivered the qualified samples to Germany Benz company and then won variety of ASF large parts die-casting production orders from Mercedes Benz .

Coincides with the Tesla want to to find global competition ability of ASF suppliers, the news that Wencan passed trial of German Benz ASF product spreads to Tesla's U.S. headquarters. It reminds Tesla: Wencan die casting is object they want! So in just a few months after several rounds of communication, Tesla height trust to Wencan die casting subsidiary -- "Hongbang die casting(Nantong) Co., Ltd."and released eight large body of die casting parts projects. All these projects will be put into operation in the second half of 2015.

Overall, the biggest difference of ASF products with the traditional die casting products is that: ASF can do T6 and T7 heat treatment and can be welded and bending, mechanical properties are 5-8 times than the traditional pressure casting. Wencan die casting grasp of the core technology, which will lead to a new level of die casting technology in China.

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