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Die Casting Co. factory in Tianjin state hung groundbreaking success


- China die casting network reported in May 19th

On May 18, 2015, Guangdong Wencan Die Casting Co., Ltd. (the national system for the transfer of shares (Stock Code: NEEQ:832154, hereinafter referred to as Wencan die casting), a wholly owned subsidiary of Tianjin Hongbang die casting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Tianjin Hongbang) held a signing ceremony for the grand groundbreaking and cooperation intention, China Foundry Association, leaders, Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone related to leadership and die casting industry chain on behalf of all walks of life, a total of more than 200 guests attended the the grand events.

Tianjin Hongbang is located in the state-level economic and Technological Development Zone of Tianjin west, parent company Wencan die casting plans to invest 1billion yuan in the construction of automobile aluminum alloy die-casting parts and components base of North China, the future will provide support for Great Wall Motors, Volkswagen gearbox and other projects. Tianjin Hongbang is expected to be completed and commissioned in August 2016, is expected in 2019 sales of about 1billion yuan. The project has an annual output of 1milloin sets of key parts of the production capacity. In the future it will buy facility directly from Germany, Japan, Switzerland, including the die casting machine, robot device, CNC machining center, including the current international advanced production equipment, and all the use of clean energy, the use of the Development Zone in the aluminum alloy company's liquid aluminum supply advantages, and build the most advanced green production base.

Wencan die casting began prepare Tianjin Hongbang in late 2014 at Tianjin Binhai . Tianjin Hong Bang officially started construction marks Wencan die casting archive the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and around Bohai region's strategic layout, close to cover the majority of automotive OEMs user and a parts supplier, where provide customers fast and efficient service, and lower transportation cost .

In the festival, Tianjin Hongbang and Volkswagen (China) Investment Co., Ltd. signed a framework cooperation agreement, provide VW transmission components; At the same time  Tianjin Hongbang signed agreement with the world's largest robot manufacturers, Japan FANUC , plans to achieve automatic intelligent production at plant. Meanwhile parent company and subsidiary Nantong HongBang transform the existing production line to achieve intelligent production and maximize the offset labor costs increase.


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