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South China Sea water three companies listed three new board total assets of over 1.3 billion yuan


- Foshan Daily reported on May 19th

Foshan daily - Foshan online news reporters Ouyang Shujin reported: today (19), in Beijing there is held the Lishui Town, Nanhai District, the new board special listing ceremony by Guangdong Wencan Die Casting Co., Ltd., Guangdong Kelin Science & Technology Co., Ltd, Guangdong refined indium Machinery Co., Ltd.. the three companies with total assets of more than 1.3 billion yuan, the issued share capital of a total of 205 million shares.



Listing ceremony scene

    Guangdong Wencan Die Casting Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, is the benchmark of local grassroots type grow and develop manufacturing enterprises at Lishui, products are mainly related to auto parts, household products, communications and industrial machinery pressure casting, annual output of more than 40 thousand tons, precision machining, annual output of more than 45million. It has become globally oriented, with international standards of auto parts and accessories "die casting molding integration manufacturers and has become the long-term partners.with Mercedes Benz cars, Volkswagen, Volvo cars, Tesla Motors and other companies. Its total assets of more than 1.12 billion yuan, the issue of equity is up to 150million shares. In 2014, Wencan operating income amounted to 970 million yuan, net profit of over 78.8 million yuan.


    Guangdong Jing indium Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in August 2007, is a marine engineering equipment supporting professional equipment, oil engineering professional equipment, marine equipment, special equipment design, manufacturing, the main industry of the Professional Company, which has all kinds of marine engineering and heavy equipment 9 national invention patents and 22 utility model patents. It is integrated Pearl River Delta traditional equipment manufacturing industry for marine engineering enterprises with total assets over 200million yuan, the issue of 50million shares of equity. Guangdong kahling Polytron Technologies Inc, is a production and management of environmentally friendly chemical products of Sino foreign joint ventures. As a technology innovation enterprise joint-stock 20 years experience, the total assets of 38.94 million yuan, the issued share capital of 5million shares.




    In order to promote the enterprise docking capital markets and promote the enterprise to carry out financial technology industry integration of innovative ways of work, Lishui provide special funds and other ways to boost business listing and rapid growth, special support enterprises listed award up to 5 million yuan through the establishment of full-time service agencies, professional services.  "We have carried out large-scale special research on the enterprise in the town, arranged in 60 households listed companies, this year there will be a new 1-2 listed companies." Ye Jianhui, deputy mayor of the town, said.

    With the listing of the three companies listed on Nanhai board, small board, the gem, the new board, the four board complete the multi-level capital market construction has been further improved. As of now, there are 12 new enterprises with listed three new board at Nanhai district, there is 23 enterprise with listed three new board in Foshan city.

    In addition, the reporter was informed that the Guangdong branch of the Polytron Technologies Inc has been listed on the approval of the letter, will be listed on the new board in the near future.

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